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This report summarizes the study. It is presented online through this interactive reporting tool that allows for extensive customization of questions, graphics and other elements. 

How to Use
  • Period: Click this tab to see a data report for the current period. This section displays the most recent findings, conveniently organized into sections, which are organized into specific questions included in your survey. You can view graphs for different demographics by changing your drop-down menu selections and pressing the GO! button. These graphs are interactive - notice what happens when you place your cursor over a point, or click off a series in the legend.
  • Trend: Click this tab to see data reports for all periods, conveniently displayed in one chart to make trends easily distinguishable. Detailed graphs, based off of your drop-down menu selections, will render to the chart area once the GO! button is pressed. These graphs function like the ones in the Period section, but come with added features, including the ability to zoom in by dragging your cursor across the chart. These graphs can also be exported through using the navigation buttons in the top right corner.
  • Drop-down Menus: View data for a specific category by making a selection on the drop-down menu and pressing the GO button.
  • Verbatims: Click this tab to see verbatim responses and categories from open-ended questions.  Select a question, category response and period from the drop-down menus then click the GO! button.
  • Questions: Click the clip-board icon to see the list of questions that are included in your survey.
  • Help/Video: Click the question-mark icon to watch a short video showing you how to efficiently use this reporting tool.